What is the purpose of rehabilitation?

The main goal of rehabilitation is to help anyone who wants to recover their lives destroyed by any addiction. However, each rehabilitation center has different programs depending on the needs of its patients. Rehab helps you not only stop using drugs, but also help you stay drug free and get back the parts of your life you may have lost. Many rehabilitation programs offer job training and other support services to prepare you for a stable and satisfying life after rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation services and programs are as unique as the person in need and the condition they suffer from. The purpose is to return the patient to a normal and healthy condition, whether after illness, injury, surgery or certain disorders. It's enough to give addiction treatment a bad name. A 30-day stay in a rehabilitation clinic used to be a common treatment for addicts.

But today it is rarely covered by insurance, and therefore it is too expensive for most Americans. Does that mean that effective treatment is only for the rich and famous?.

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